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About Doug Fast

Doug Fast is the owner of Quality Building Inspections. Since 2003, Doug has performed over 6,000 inspections. Doug and his company perform commercial and home inspections in Centennial, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, and the Denver Metro area.

Thermal Imaging and The Home Inspection – Part 1

      Although thermal imaging has yet to become a standard in the typical home inspection, it is becoming a valuable tool for the home inspector community to utilize. Over the course of the next few blogs, we discuss what thermal imaging is, we will address why there is a need for thermal imaging,

Gravity Based Furnaces – Are they an issue?

  Although it does not happen very frequently, every once in a while, I run into an old gravity-based furnace when completing a home inspection. These furnaces are also referred to “Octopus” furnaces, because of how the ducting come out of the unit. They rely completely on the convection of the heat to spread throughout