As the home is typically the single largest purchase anyone will make, it is important that clients feel comfortable and confident, not only in the inspector they hire, but also in the services available. Quality Building Inspections, LLC currently offers the following inspection services.

  • We provide thorough inspections for new construction, existing homehouse-front purchase inspections, listing inspections, and commercial inspections.
  • Radon Testing.
  • Sewer Scope at the time of inspection.
  • Computerized report with digital photographs, same day as the inspection.
  • Free maintenance tips with every home inspection.
  • Professional and courteous inspectors that will walk clients through the inspection with a calm demeanor.


Standard Home Inspection ASHI-Certified-Gold
The standard home inspection includes a thorough evaluation of the house and its components. This will provide buyers with on objective examination of the visible and accessible components of the home. This inspection not only identifies current and potential issues, but also includes information that will help the buyer have a greater knowledge of the house and the components within the home.

Pre-Listing Inspection
When preparing to sell a home, many clients complete a “pre-listing” inspection. This is similar to the Standard Home Inspection and enables the seller to identify problems up-front that may need to be addressed prior to selling the home. Clients interested in a Pre-Listing inspection also receive a discounted inspection rate.

New Construction and One-Year Warranty Inspections
Although many people believe purchasing a new home does not require an inspection, experience has shown that even new construction homes have defects that the average home owner would not be able to identify, even after moving into the house. Another option to consider if a new construction house is not inspected prior to moving in, is a warranty inspection. Most builders provide a one year floor-to-ceiling warranty on the house, so many clients elect to have an inspection prior to the warranty period expiring. This enables the home owner to provide a punch-list for the builder while the home is still under warranty.


NRPP-Blue-LogoRadon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in soils, rocks and water throughout the U.S., including here in Colorado. Radon gas found within the home can be easily mitigated to meet EPA’s requirements. Short-term radon assessment requires a 48-hour test period, and results are available immediately using our continuous radon monitor (CRM) devices. We follow the standards of the NRPP for radon measurement. For a sample radon report, click here. Radon testing is an additional fee.